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Home iPhone 6 Features Apple iPhone 6 Rumors, Features, Specs, Release Date,Colors, Prices, iOS, Delay And More

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors, Features, Specs, Release Date,Colors, Prices, iOS, Delay And More

Apple’s new wraparound display patent that, which was made official at the beginning of this month, on the basis of the patent, many analysts have predicted what the next generation iPhone could entail. Suffice to say, the new patented technology is all next generation, and its possibilities really immerse your mind into the incredible wonders it can do. Well, picture the Apple home screen extending to stretched and extended across both sides of the display of the smart phone.

Well, for starters, we apologize for making you strain your thoughts to imagine this, second, the image conjured isn’t so fascinating is it. Perhaps, the product only can speak for itself and all pictographic rendering or description won’t make it sound right.  Wrong, it’s a hard criticism to put yours.

iPhone 6 Specs / iPhone 6 features

Let’s course the imagination on some not so confound brain map. The iPhone 6 could come with that wraparound technology display having a resolution of 1615×1800 pixels and also with AMOLED technology. We draw this conclusion based on the fact that that the patented technology’s premise was AMOLED hence is a must. The front facing camera will be a 2 megapixel snapper and also for FaceTime which is the face of the device is a moot, since both sides can be considered the front, so we’ll go with calling it the secondary camera.

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iPhone 6 Colors

The bottom portion of the device looks like the iPhone 5 in every respect. There’s a Lightning connector followed by two speakers, and there is also is NFC. The design of the device is a standout and looks great, particularly while watching videos. Advantages of the dual face technology? That you can do things like viewing a game one face up, and leaving the other just for controls. So you have more screens, more control and the gaming experience just got better. This is for the more game-oriented skilled folks of course; it can be a little tricky.

One rumor just in brings sombre news that Apple may be facing delays in production. This rumor is a fact will appease and give Samsung, Microsoft and Google the extra mile advantage, what with their spectacular technology that the market is swelling with demand for.

Even the iPhone 5s could be experiencing delays which will have a ripple effect on all other scheduled launches. The buzz around new technology could just get old, of in a possibly bleaker situation some Japanese or Chinese cheaper version with an imitation of that technology may come out.  This seems less likely though. Even the much expected low cost was expected to be available in stores by July, so all hopes of the iPhone 6 coming out in the last quarter are dashed to nothing and every reason points to the unfortunate fact that it may show up in stores only in 2014.

iOS 7 also has been delayed and there is connection to the delays the phones face. With the new patented technology on the iPhone 6 and with the delay in its release, there could be delays even in the launch of a refreshed iPad Mini. The iWatch too, may have to wait in the units before it sparkles on the stands at retail stores. Apart from the iPhone 6, Apple is even going to launch the iPhone TV which will also feature some cutting edge technology like the iPhone 6. The iPhone 5 is a huge hit, the 5s was meant to target those who skipped the iPhone 5 and who don’t want a cheaper option (one rumor goes that there’s plastic in the making). The iPhone 6 is definitely for its premium customers, and if launched soon could push the iPhone back to the top spot, HTC One entirely displaced. Apple is already feeling the heat of this year through weakened share prices in the second and the third quarter for Apple and a dip in the quantum of consignments shipping in iPhone 5 and iPads in the second quarter contrary to notional estimations.

One more confusing rumor is that the iPhone 6 case could be a mix of plastic and metal. However there is some doubt whether the plastic cum metal case is for the low costing iPhone.  The iPhone 6 will mostly work the iOS 7 unlike the iPhone 5s.

The device developer server logs give indications that the iPhone 6 will run the iOS7. Perhaps the next iteration of the iOS could come out officially at the WWDC conference this June, and if that be the case, and all other production problems aside, the iPhone 6 could ship a few months from the conference. The iPhone 6 could have storage capacity of that megaton 128 GB of memory, as an option. The price too will escalate however if you need the space, like if you’re a “professional” like Apple says, then a dazzling large screen to view your important files sounds entreating.

The new iPhone 6 may not have a home button and may only feature an enormous Retina+IGZO display while sporting a new form factor. You may also get some gesture control, how refined and how good that technology will work will have to discerned. This no home screen button story circulated the launch of the iPhone 5 too, which proved to be fallacious.

iPhone 6 rumors

As aforesaid, the Retina+Sharp IGZO display screen will come with a Full HD 1080p resolution. Apple may even try further alluring tactics to gain customer welfare away from Android devices by launching two handsets. Apple is out patenting technology that conceals sensors and cameras. However this may be too soon to have foundation in the iPhone 6. Another hopeful and wildly optimistic rumor chums that the touch screen may be transparent. An ultra sensitive transparent touch screen that is. If this being the case, the screen will be unprecedentedly sharp and clear. Processor rumors say that the present processor is a dual core A6 while the next will be a quad core A7. An efficient processor could save power and extend battery life even whilst large screens.

The 13 megapixel sensor will possibly occupy less space though rendering uncompromised picture quality. This sensor will be an all new sensor, which we are excited to hear more about. From whom? When was it bought?  As discussed, instead of coming up with multiple gesture sensitive features, iPhone is better off perfecting one, and if we didn’t know better, rumors suggest that the iPhone 6 will come with eye tracking software, which we hope works better than Samsung’s. This technology could come from umove. For the UK, taking into consideration the increase in providers offering 4G connectivity, Apple could increase its potential.

iPhone 6 Price

An interesting feature we would like to see, and more often on devices not just the high end ones, is wireless charging. Apple has apparently filed for patent rights for its wireless charging technology, which may see being used in the iPhone 6.

Author: This was posted by Julia. Her passion for upgrading her knowledge puts her to research on topics relevant to her industry. Besides, she also likes to share her findings by writing about them in her free time. Also have a look on the top 10 Apple mobiles in India.

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