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Home Mini Features Apple iPhone Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Specs, Features, Prices and Photos

Apple iPhone Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Specs, Features, Prices and Photos

Welcome to the smartphone mini battle of 2013. Are you ready to witness victory between the two participants to get entitled as the champion of the “Mini Battle 2013”??? Yes, you would be but unfortunately these 2 competitors will not fight, but for sure a fight for the specification they’ve  got. No, No, No not Wrestle mania! This is the Knockdown match between “Apple iPhone 5S Mini vs. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Mini” .

Throughout these days it was the elder’s match taken place but to make a difference both the elders thought to send the shorties to compete. So let’s see what we have got.

It is a present surprise to see ultra smart phones converted to small versions which is really easy carry on the go and really easy for the palm. For the iPhone Mini, it as a cheaper, smaller version that would compete in developing markets, alongside some Android phones. But online rumors that claim the iPhone mini would be made from plastic and have a 4-inch screen, but have the iPhone 4′s 3.5-inch screen.

The cheaper model may be similar than the standard iPhone but with a cheaper body with it possibly made from polycarbonate plastic, which is similar to what Samsung uses for its Galaxy range of smart phones. They have placed the technology specs for the mini as follows. dual core chip with quad core graphic, retina display, storage of 16, 32 and 64 GB, wireless charging, finger print security authorization,  iOS7, SIRI(non beta), Bluetooth 4.0,  Extended battery life, iSight camera of 8 Megapixel with 1080p recording(front/back) HD.

Well above was all about the iPhone 5S mini now let’s see his opponent. Samsung S4 (IV) mini is an upcoming release. About the model number that is assigned for the Samsung S4 Mini is GT-I9190.  The Galaxy S4 mini allegedly won’t pack a monster of a CPU, but rather a 1.6GHz dual-core CPU and a 4.3″ Super AMOLED display of qHD(A qHD display is a screen resolution. It has a size of 960*540 pixels. A Super AMOLED is a kind of screen technology which offers lots of advantages over normal LCD screens) resolution 960×540 pixels, 256ppi.

See: Rumors: Samsung to Release Galaxy S4 Mini to Complete with Apple’s iPhone Mini

Galaxy S4 mini is expected to be launched during summer in June / July. This handset comes in a dual-sim variant as well, making it available in two variants. When its compared to early versions of Galaxy model every model that was released turned out to be better or a manufacture defect this became a weakness for the market sales of years in 2011 to the current year. But once again Samsung is once again back with its journey introducing Galaxy SIV which was leaked a month ago. All sources was starting to publish these stories even net viewers had a great liking to wait to get their hand filled with the super SIV but it seems the brother “Galaxy SIV” will take a lead to. Still it seems of less features but it is a handy device which can perform very well for the specs given out.

When comparing these mini legends we can come to a conclusion that Apple iPhone 5S mini will perform a better service for users who are looking for extended performance for the value. It will always be a huge competition towards the Half Ate Apple technologies to battle up. The reason is that iPhone 5S mini is better than the SIV mini is as follows;

The iPhone 5S mini performs with a technology of the same cpu speed in both iPhone 5S mini & Galaxy S4 (IV) mini and at the same time the newly upgraded OS systems are installed in both the devices where 5S mini contains iOS7 and SIV contains android Jelly Bean. But when it comes to security it seems that Samsung had failed to invent something new rather than the maze lock and the usual password lock/phone lock. But the Apple has taken the feature of Finger print authorization which is a best method to unlock all your data which is more secure as it is a unique authorization system.

Also the cam system seems to be seems more upgraded with the features of 8 megapixels with 1080p HD front and reverse recording in iPhone 5S mini, while Samsung has provided a 5 megapixel cam. But the advantage for Samsung is the casing they provide for all these years Samsung has being introducing its most of the galaxy series with polycarbonate plastic and seems not bad for hard use but when its applied for the very 1st time in iPhone it’s a great guilty for the fans as well as ordinary users to think twice on only buying when a higher ratio has purchased till that there won’t be a mass market due to this situation Samsung will hold a mass amount of users as soon as its released.

But everyone does know that is really hard to break up points of Apple technologies but this time it’s time to change that concept. Now time for the users to decide what will hit to the top. So viewers be ready to leave your vote for the “Mini Battle 2013” starting right now.

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