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Home 5s Features Apple’s iPhone 5S vs Goophone’s i5S – Specs, Features, Prices

Apple’s iPhone 5S vs Goophone’s i5S – Specs, Features, Prices

Though, iPhone 5s from Apple is weeks away, but still those who can’t wait that long can go for GooPhone i5S, which is a similar looking device from the clone maker Goophone and is up for grabs for a mere sum of $150. But everybody might be asking the same question here-how can this clone simply measure up against what users have been expecting from the real iPhone?

So let’s take a look at some of its features

iPhone 5S vs GooPhone i5S: screen / Features

The screen technology from Apple is simply unbeatable in the smartphone market. And with an introduction of retina display technology, there’s no doubt that iPhone 5S will have a display of utmost quality.

GooPhone i5S vs iPhone 5s

Moreover, there are speculations that the IGZO technology from Sharp will be incorporated in the latest device as a result of which Apple will be able to produce a thinner iPhone with an upgrade in the pixel density. So we can expect something really cool here.

The Goophone i5S comes with a 4 inch ‘oneglass’ touchscreen which works at 854×480 resolution. So is this screen up to the mark when compared with the screen of iPhone 4? Definitely No!! It doesn’t even come close to that of iPhone 4S or 5.

So the winner-Of course its iPhone 5S (rumored)

iPhone 5s vs GooPhone i5S: Specs

The iPhone 5S from Apple will definitely rock an upgraded version of A6 chip found in iPhone 5 with higher clock-speed & lower power requirements.

i5S vs iPhone 5s

Besides this we can also expect it feature a 1GB RAM like its previous version. It also likely for the device to come in 16, 32, 64 & 128 GB alternatives, but will not feature any micro SD card support.

On the other hand the i5S has 1GHz dual-core MediaTek processor with 512 MB RAM. It has nothing much to offer and it does not have lot of specifications that we can discuss about.

The winner here would definitely be iPhone 5S (rumored)

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