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Home 5s Features Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5S, Features, Specs, Pictures, Release Date, Colors

Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5S, Features, Specs, Pictures, Release Date, Colors

Both the iPhone from Apple and the Galaxy from Samsung are the two models in the smartphone market that rule the roost and as a result are often pitted against each other, feature for feature.  The whole world goes gaga when such a comparison heats up between these two rulers  and it only makes sense in that the comparison of the next range of phones from both of these behemoths , the iPhone 5s from Apple and the Galaxy S4 from Samsung will make things definitely exciting.

Let’s not delay the comparison and pit these models head to head in a dramatic show. On one side of the stick you have the upcoming iPhone 5S to be released in June, which for your information is definitely a step ahead in every aspect than the outgoing model, and on the other hand we have the Samsung Galaxy S4, to be released in June also, that by no means is a slow coach, and Samsung has left no stone unturned in making sure that its flagship model ups the ante in every possible way. Consequently, it would be understood that both these companies would have done their homework in making sure that their respective models take the cellphone market by storm. Let’s take a look at both these contenders individually.


You don’t need any introduction for a company that makes sure that with every product launch, the new model will take the technological world by storm and shakes it to its very foundations, thereby upping the bar in performance and aesthetics. The new iPhone is no different, what with the super HD camera and the retina display. It also boasts of a mammoth 128 GB flash drive. This effectively means that the new iPhone shall now have a mini hard drive of its own. Also on the cards is the inclusion of an A7 chip that will replace the outgoing A6 chip. And for those who don’t know, the A7 chip is a quad core chip and that promises to elevate the 5S performance to a whole new level. The best bit is that Apple may potentially break the mold of offering the phone in just black or white. You should expect some more color from now on.


You can definitely expect a super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen armed with a Gorilla glass 2 from the latest Galaxy. Also in the expectation list is the 5 inch screen as against the 4.7 inch screen from the previous model. The storage options will be 16, 32 & 64 GB, with additional options for micro SD storage that can shore up to 64 GB. Other powerhouse features that you can expect are a quad core processor clocked at 2 GHz, 2GB RAM and of course, crystal clear optics in the form of 13 to 15 mp camera. Apart from these super features, you can expect the regular add-ons such as Wireless Charging, S Voice, etc. and of course, you can expect a lot more accuracy this time round.

The introductory part being dealt away with, lets divert our attention to pitting both of these phones in minute detail, to see what stands where.


Because of the fact that these phones are head to head in comparison as far as features goes, it is very difficult to pinpoint who the winner really is. It’s important to remember that both these phones sport an identical array of features and picking one from the other is never an easy task. Of course, there is a loyal fan base for both the phones and in the end it will be the user groups who will decide upon the real winner. iOS 7, claimed to be the best mobile Operating System in the world will supposedly power the iPhone 5S and the famous A series chip, which has already proved its mettle. Of course, Samsung is expected to do its bit of magic in getting the proverbial cat out of the bag at the last moment, so the fight is still on. No indications as of now who is the clear winner of the two.

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  1. awsum, thiz time our specs work in market

  2. Nice comparison, overall galaxy s4 seems better than iphone 5s?

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