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Home iOS How to Install and Upgrade iOS 6 to iOS 7 Beta on iPhone 5s

How to Install and Upgrade iOS 6 to iOS 7 Beta on iPhone 5s

Published on June 15, 2013 by in iOS, iOS 7

iOS 7 is the latest innovation by Apple for the iPhone fans. This OS has been launched with additional features and unique functions that could attract the users. However there are mixed reactions given by the users. Some of them are switching from iOS 6 to iOS 7 and some of them who have chosen iOS 7 are looking for uninstalling iOS 7.

According to Apple, iOS 7 is the prettiest than ever and most functional operating system. Many people are tempting to get iOS 7 on their device either by spending five to ten bucks to register UDID online or by forking about $99 for a developers account.

IOS 7 has come up with lots of interesting things; app switching for multitasking, enhanced locked screen, notification center, and settings bar for quick access, and lots more to go. iOS 7 is the professional operating system launched for the user to enjoy the experience of this OS to the core.

how to install and upgrade from ios 6 to ios 7 beta for iPhone 5s

How to Install iOS 7 beta

First of all, to judge it you have install it in your phone without violating the terms of Apple by paying $99 to get developer Account. This is a big amount to get unfinished and buggy software on your iPhone.

However, you can get the software in less amount; you have to spend about $5 to $10 for registering the device UDID which can allow you to install the beta version. Many people go for this stuff; for this all you have to do is Google the ‘UDID registration’. This is the much better and palatable offer as compared to $99. It is a shadier view as you have no way to find out that the device is actually registered when you are spending money over it, but the UDID service that you use could be found by Apple and that will result in cancelling the UDID’s linked to that developer’s account.

How to upgrade to iOS 7 beta

If you are not a developer then you should definitely not stick to the iOS7 as it’s a beta version and it’s unfinished, buggy and quirky. Their battery life is half which might results into crashing of the any of the app; it might be your favorite.
Also, you cannot underestimate the fact that if you are using an app regularly, doesn’t expect it will work continuously and you cannot depend on it. Be prepared with the charger as you have to charge the phone every hour. IOS 7 just drops he battery level down and thus being the pitfall of the OS.

If you are really looking forward to get iOS 7 on your iPhone then get ready to experience the falls and hassles in functionality. To buy it, you are paying money to get the license which is not worth the value. So if you are planning to pay $10 to install a new unfinished and unreal OS, you will end up mugging yourself.

How to Download iOS 7 Beta

If you are a non-developer than definitely it’s not worth to use iOS 7; as the developers use this to create apps for you and generally they suffer from such frustrations so you don’t have to suffer from them.

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