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Home Release Date HTC One Mini Release Date Set for July – Before iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

HTC One Mini Release Date Set for July – Before iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

With HTC One Mini being released in the middle of July, it appears like as if HTC is willing to take a bigger bite in terms of sales of its competitors Samsung & Apple. According to E-Price the HTC one Mini would be released in mid-July, which was before rumored to be released in June. There is the potential for HTC One Mini to rule over the market of low-cost smartphones.

Moreover, there are rumors which state that HTC will release its mini version of HTC One in order to beat iPhone 5S & Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. In previous month, an image of this upcoming device was leaked which was termed as HTC M4 and looked more like a mini version of HTC M7 that later was branded as HTC One. Though, it seems similar to its bigger brother, but the overall features or specs will be less powerful.

htc one mini photo leaked HTC One Minip Photo

The HTC M4 will be cheaper than HTC One, around 300 pounds and it is rumored to be released at 2nd quarter of this year. Apart from this it will feature a dual-core processor, same ‘Ultrapixel’ camera, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage & 1,700mAh Li Ion non-removable battery. The display might be 4.3-inch with 720p HD resolution & 341 ppi with 4G LTE & Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box.

htc one-mini vs htc one front photos htc one mini vs htc one front photos

This device is expected to be released in June, which is coincidently the same time Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini would be released.

There are also some rumors which state that “HTC Butterfly S” would soon be released as an upgrade to the original Butterfuly, and the red original HTC One might be released in the month of July. After the release of red edition, the blue color option might be available too.

htc one mini pictures HTC One Mini vs HTC One Backside Photos

If these rumors turn out to be true then it’s for sure that we will witness tough competition among cheap smartphones like iPhone 5S & Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

htc one mini v -htc one length htc one mini v -htc one length

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