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Home 5s Features iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Release Date Simultaneously Set for June Say Analysts

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Release Date Simultaneously Set for June Say Analysts

In June or July Apple could be very well be coming up with a budget phone and a high end phone in the form of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has written a report which suggests that Apple is currently working on two prototypes. One of these will be the iPhone 6 and the other will be the budget conscious iPhone 5S.

Misek has however pointed out that the budget smartphone will not be a cheap version quality wise, and the execution will be more like the iPad mini. By his assertions, the new iPhone will have a  ‘polycarbonate case’ combined with a  4-inch non-Retina display & no 4G.Also, the predictions stated that the high end iPhone version will have the purported 4.8 inch screen.

There are also further reports that hint at the next generation model to have NFC, improved display technology, a bigger battery pack and lastly a higher storage capacity from the current 64 GB crop. The report also says that the price of this iPhone will be lesser than the Samsung Galaxy S4, but that’s possibly of the low end version. The high end version will still be more expensive.

iPhone 6 Projected Model

We reported earlier that Apple had filed a patent about the design of the new smartphone without a physical home button. The device also did not have a front facing FaceTime camera. Upon inspection it is implied that such a patent was filed a year ago which means that in that time, a budget version might also have been in the cards. All this effectively means that the rumors surrounding the low end and the higher end smartphones might not just die yet.

So the general summary of the analysis shows that Apple clearly needs to target the budget conscious market where the current breed of Android phones hold sway. Just making a high end phone is just not going to cut it.

USPTO has given the patent rights to Apple for a laser keyboard which has a unique ability to project out from a mobile device such as an iPhone or an iPad.

Multi-color iPhone 5S (projected)

Indeed, the patent for a laser keyboard described above does belong to Apple and we have seen this in promotional and mock up videos of the iPhone 5S and for that matter, the Galaxy series from Samsung for two years now.

Apple has been kind enough to show us the tech behind the laser keyboard technology for which the company has a patent for. The video below is just an example and we don’t really expect the iPhone 5S to have this technology, at least not yet.

The video given below shows how the functioning of the laser keyboard will be achieved on a mobile device such as an iPad. However, in the video, it clearly seems that the device is an iPhone and not an iPad.

There is also a patent filed by Apple in which your device will have a built in kick stand, sort of like a prop up that comes up as a right angle so that any balancing issues can be sorted out. You could very well see some Apple products built with this facility in the future.

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  1. I find it quite frustrating. I love my Apple iPhone 4. In the UL you get tied in to a 2 year contract which meant I now either go for the “year old” iphone 4S or wait 6 months (or up to a year according to some reports) for either the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.

    Which ever way it goes it is clear that smartphones and mobile search are going to be massive in the next 12 months.

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