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Home 5s Features iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 to Present Us With No-Look Touch Controls for Media Playback

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 to Present Us With No-Look Touch Controls for Media Playback

The next iKit might detect the inputs even on a blank screen. The upcoming iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 from Apple will enable users to control the music playback without looking at the screen, as suggested by new patent filing. The US Patent & Trademark Office has given iGiant the patent for ‘playback control with the use of touch interface’ which registers a whole wide range of touch gestures even while the display is switched off.

The inputs feature a single tap to pause or play the music, the double tap for playing next track, a triple tap for playing previous track, and a double tap & hold for fast forwarding and triple tap & hold for rewinding.

Moreover, it will also support gestures that are inspired from the iPod Classic’s click wheel. The users of this device can make clockwise circle for increasing the volume or swipe anticlockwise to bring down the volume.

No Look Media Playback for iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

The patent summary says that: “To allow a user to control media playback using a touch sensing device without requiring the selection of displayed options, the electronic device can include a mode or configuration for which the touch sensing device can sense touch events, but not display any content on a display.”

The gestures will be great for the runners and the battery life will be saved as well. There is also the possibility the new iPhone will be given some much needed features to compete with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4, which features a whole wide range of gestures & motion-based controls, along with the ability of scrolling content by just tilting the phone or by waving the hand over the screen.

Apple is expected to release its 7th-gen iPhone, which is unofficially named as iPhone 5S on the end of June 10 at WWDC.

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