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Home 5s Features iPhone 5S vs HTC M7, Specs, Features, Design and Prices

iPhone 5S vs HTC M7, Specs, Features, Design and Prices

iPhone 5s and HTC M7 are one the greatly anticipated phones of 2013. A lot of hype already exists in the smartphone market about their specs and features. The release dates of both these phones are not known yet. However, there’s lot of speculation about the possible release dates and specs of iPhone 5S vs HTC M7.

Release dates of iPhone 5S vs HTC M7

iPhone 5S release date

The official release dates of iPhone 5s and HTC M7 are yet to be announced. But based on their previous flagship models, many smartphone experts have already speculated release dates.

apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 were released in fall of 2011 and 2012. So, it is expected that the new iPhone 5S will be also released in fall 2013. However, it’s Apple’s decision either they want to release in it in spring or fall depending upon the market competition. If Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC M7 are released in spring of 2013, then Apple might experience lesser sales due to high competition.

HTC M7 release date

HTC M7 release date is expected to be announced in February or March 2013. HTC M7 is the next flagship model after HTC One X. The release date will be hopefully announced in Mobile world congress held in February. All world class smart phone manufacturers participate and exhibit their upcoming models in Mobile world congress.

iPhone 5S vs. HTC M7 (Specs and Features)

The rumors of iPhone 5S specs are moving up the stream since the starting of 2013. Apple is likely to start mass production of iPhone 5S in July to fill up their warehouses before its launch.

iPhone 5S features vs HTC M7 features

The design of iPhone 5S is likely to be similar to iPhone 5. We have seen that previous iPhone models retained their predecessor designs with changes in hardware like Processor, camera and Ram. iPhone 5S will be coming with the latest version of IOS, introducing tons of new features for iPhone users.

HTC M7 display will be no less than HTC One X, which is the current flagship model of HTC. Some of the leaked images of HTC M7 show that it’s made up of high quality plastic. The smartphone may get some inch bigger display while keeping the phone thin to easily handle it. It will be getting 4.7 inch display with 1080p HD resolution. With such resolution and display size, the phone is likely to touch a pixel per inch (ppi) beyond 440.

If apple retains the iPhone 5 design, then its probable iPhone 5s will get same display size as iPhone 5. Just like the past models of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s shared similar displays, therefore it’s predictable that iPhone 5s will have no significant changes to retina display size and resolution. If the retina display gets no upgrades then pixel per inch (ppi) of iPhone 5s will be 326 ppi, which is far less than HTC M7.

iPhone 5 camera is one of the best cameras in smartphone market and iPhone 5s is likely to get upgrades in the camera. Apple always upgrades camera, Ram and Processor in their newer models, so we would be expecting some upgraded camera with greater megapixels.

HTC M7 is going to get upgrade to camera of HTC One X, which was also a great camera in smartphone line. HTC M7 may get upgraded with 13 megapixel camera with ultra-sensors. If this thing happens, it’s going to become one of the bestselling phones of 2013.

Following are the rumored specs and features of iPhone 5S vs HTC M7

iPhone 5S specs (rumored)

  1. A7 quad core processor (An upgrade to the previous A6 processor chip)
  2. 2GB RAM (iPhone 5 has currently 1GB of RAM)
  3. 12 Megapixel Primary Camera (iPhone 5 has 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus Camera)
  4. 2 Megapixel Secondary Camera (iPhone 5 has 1.2 MP front Camera)
  5. A 4.8 inch full HD Retina Display (iPhone 5 has 4.0 Inch display with 326 ppi Pixel Density)
  6. IOS 7 (Much anticipated by the iPhone Lovers)
  7. Storage (128 GB inbuilt Flash drive)
  8. A larger 1700 mAh Battery to provide better standby and talk time

HTC M7 specs (rumored)

  1. 1.7GHz Quad core Snapdragon Processor
  2. 2GB of RAM
  3. 13 mega pixel Primary Camera
  4. 2MP Secondary Camera
  5. Android Jelly Bean Latest Version (Current Version: 4.2)
  6. 4.7-inch 1080p Display
  7. 32GB Storage
  8. 2,300 mAh Battery
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