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Home 5s Features iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5: iPhone 5S to Feature Same Design as iPhone 5

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5: iPhone 5S to Feature Same Design as iPhone 5

iPhone 5s is the successor of iPhone 5, which was one of the bestselling phones of 2012. iPhone 5S is likely to exhibit same design as iPhone 5, however there will be some changes to design, specs and features. The probability of getting the same design and display is based on trend of previous iPhone models. iPhone past models used to get the same design and display with some upgrades to processor, RAM and camera. The iOS software also comes equipped with extra set of features for current and new iPhone users, as apple provides firmware upgrade to previous models as well.

iPhone 5S vs iPhone 5

Display and Design – 4.8 inches full HD Retina Display

There are speculations about change in iPhone 5S design and larger display size however it’s very unlikely of Apple to do so. The users may get the bigger display and improvements in Retina display in iPhone 6. However, the greater majority of experts believe that the display size and specs will remain similar to iPhone 5. It means that users will not go beyond the 4.0 Inch display with 326 Pixel Density. But, if there’s an upgrade in display size, you will be likely getting a 4.8 inch full HD Retina Display but with the same 326 ppi.

iPhone Color and Structural changes

iPhone 5S design comes primarily with two colors. So, it is expected that iPhone 5S is going to come in black and white colors only. The built quality of iPhone has always been one of the best features of Apple smartphones. If iPhone 5S will retain same display size as iPhone 5, we are going to see no significant changes in built structure and quality.

A7 quad core processor (An upgrade to the previous A6 processor chip)

Just like previous iPhone models, there’s always an upgrade in processor chip of newer models. So, we would be expecting the new and powerful A7 quad core processor in iPhone 5S features. This processor chip is an upgrade to iPhone 5’s A6 processor chip which was launched in September, 2012.

2GB RAM (iPhone 5 has currently 1GB of RAM)

Smartphones need to have more RAM to allow smooth multitasking and to handle more applications. This is one of the reasons, that each newer model of smartphone gets more RAM and speed than previous model. Apple always upgraded iPhone’s RAM, whenever a newer model is released. iPhone 5S is likely to get 2GB of RAM as compared to the current iPhone 5, having 1GB RAM.

12 Megapixel Primary Camera (iPhone 5 has 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, auto-focus Camera)

iPhone 5 camera is one of the best cameras in smartphone market today. Many customers have appreciated the crisp and clear photos taken by iPhone 5. However, iPhone 5s will be upgraded with more pixels and greater quality. The smartphone is expected to come with 12 Megapixel rear camera, which will provide HD quality pictures for users.

2 Megapixel Secondary Camera (iPhone 5 has 1.2 MP front Camera)

The secondary front facing camera of iPhone 5 is 1.2 Megapixels which is likely to be upgraded to 2 Megapixels in iPhone 5S. An upgrade to front facing camera will provide excellent experience in video calling.

iOS 7 (Much anticipated by the iPhone Lovers)

IOS and Android are the most popular smart phone operating systems. IOS is limited to Apple users only and they love its user friendly interface. IOS comes bundled with tons of new features for iPhone users. iPhone 5S is likely to be launched with the highly anticipated IOS 7.

Storage (128 GB inbuilt Flash drive)

iPhone 5S is rumored to come with 128GB of inbuilt memory. No iPhone till date has arrived with such huge inbuilt memory. However, you won’t’ be able to upgrade memory with micro SD cards, like other smartphones.

Standby and Talk time

Greater and better battery life is always demanded by smartphone users. iPhone 5S is rumoured to be launched with 1700 mAh battery to provide better standby and talk time to users.

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