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Home 5s Features iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC M7 for 2013 – Release Date, Specs, Features, Colors, Prices

iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC M7 for 2013 – Release Date, Specs, Features, Colors, Prices

Regarding the phone reviews, we often understand the differences between smart phones and current trends. Just have a look at Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5S vs. HTC M7. This may vary from our phone debates and these are not confirmed till 2013. So there are no confirmation features and specifications that are available right now. However from the latest comments and rumors, we understood that this is going to be the hottest phone device in the coming year. So we are willing to have an early look from where we get the latest offers.

According to the latest smart phones, iphone and Samsung have the toughest war every year and we watch the battle for the latest updates. They compete with each other to be in the top position. Next year also the same situation occurs and Galaxy S4 arrives in the beginning of year that is in March. The iPhone 5S also called as iPhone 6 can be released in fall, though there are rumors that the Apple might return in the summer launch of the upcoming iPhone. However much focus is pressured on Galaxy S4 in 2013 and also on iPhone 5S. Recently we heard about the new upcoming phone which stands in the real competition between these two phones which is called as HTC M7 and this will be the exciting competition between the two phones.

As the features and specifications for the phones are not yet confirmed and the point to point comparison is not discussed. You will get some idea after having a look at specific things that are likely to be offered. We have written some posts that includes about the three smart phones and undergone for the various rumors. The speculation emerges from outside and inside and most of the analysts are expecting this to be done in a accurate way. By seeing these posts you will get an idea of what is the exact trend of the smart phones for the upcoming year?

We will start with Samsung Galaxy S4 as one of the tip came from the insider that this phone features 12 and 13 mega pixel with illuminated back sensor, stereo sound of about 1080p video and sensor camera. As we know that Galaxy S3 display size has increased from S2 to S3 and may be Galaxy S4 also could have increased which is following the latest trend for latest smart phones with a large display screen. The display consists of high resolution than the current trend and includes full HD. We will be surprised when the Samsung will not give Galaxy S4 with a large battery and help in managing the daily demands of the latest day Smartphone.

We have seen other things that are speculated for Galaxy S4 and include enhanced voice, Google chrome in the form of default browser, Android beam or RAM of 2GB and 3GB. From many conflicting reports and also from rumors, we have observed that Galaxy S4 may stand in first of Samsung device that may feature new flexible screen where the company is willing to develop. We feel that the real improvement lies in the premium look with a new design and is considered as the flagship Smartphone. Another comment has suggested that 2GHZ Exynos and 5450 cortex A15 can arise as the quad core processor. Samsung may launch Galaxy S4 in the current Android OS especially at the releasing time, that consists of 5.0 lime pie key. If we are willing to add something according to our wish list, then we would go for wireless charging which remains to be unchanged.

Regarding the iPhone 5S,we expect that these latest patterns can arrive as the running model for the next Apple device operating system with an iOS 7 update that alone stands as a big deal to many customers. Finally it can go up to a A7 quad core processor that contains the camera set up of improved quality. Of many factors discussed, the primary factor lies around the display size or the screen for iPhone 5S. The iPhone 5S display size has been increased from 3.5 inch to 4 inch and you can expect that Apple will keep this for the upcoming iPhone. Anyhow 4 inches display is too small when compared with other new upcoming smart phones and we think that there may be a possibility for the Apple to increase its screen size.

Coming to design we expect Apple to be in the same category and comes up with a complete ground break. We expected this before the release of iPhone 5 and somehow there took some changes that look similar to previous model. The liquid metal casing will be the better option to start and the durability is long. It can also be molded to the complete current form factor. There are many colors present for the iPhone 5S device and we heard it recently. From various opinions and reviews, we heard that they include 128GB storage and NFC option. Again if we go for our own wish list, then it would be wireless charging that is unlikely to be done and also the expansion of microSD card should be done.

Final device is the HTC M7, a phone device which has arrived in this month itself. Its unnecessary to say that we got to listen to a lot of things that includes to prove that it is not just a two horse race between Apple and Samsung. This device is going to be released in the next year of the first quarter and has reported that HTC have ordered 4 to 5 million units before only that indicates the significance of the flagship release. The first features and specifications have commented that it consists of 1.7GHz Qualcomm and APQ8064 quad core processor with a 5 inches full HD screen, 13 mega pixel camera, connectivity of LTE and unibody design, which is made up of aluminum.

Another review has suggested that this consists of 4.7 inches display in place of 5 inches, but it still remain with a full HD and a pixel density that is incredible of about 468ppi. They also include 32GB and 2GB by RAM from internal storage and expect that this HTC M7 might be released on current Android Bean Jelly OS skinned along with HTC sense 5. It’s significant to know that the M7 is just acting as a codename that may change again before the release and it is basically considered as a successor for the popular HTC one x. Another rumor regarding the 13 mega pixel camera is its latest image sensor helps in shooting the slow motion videos and both the cameras on handset is capable to capture the 1080p video. It is clear that the information regarding the price and availability of HTC M7 details will be available in the month of February.

It is expected that iPhone 5S and Galaxy S4 assures the success in the year of 2013, but we feel about the real contenders in outside like HTC M7. Try to remember that the specifications which we have discussed till now is not yet confirmed and contain unofficial specifications, but we expect a lot of features from the three smart phones. Unless and until the manufacturers select the official specifications, we cannot confirm the best product for the customers. It may be a simple choice between iOS and Android device or it can depend on the personal preference of the design that helps in determining the choice.

We would love to hear from the readers and customers about this. Are you a devotee for the Galaxy S or the iPhone line or planning to purchase Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S ?Are you open to the operating systems and willing to watch all these things that come up before you make up your mind ? Would you vote for HTC M7 which we have discussed so far? Love to hear your comments very soon.

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6 Responses

  1. Image Maniac

    You really should have a LITERATE person writing your articles…

  2. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely to build up momentum over Apple with the 5S likely only to be an incremental update over the iPhone 5. A strong effort by Samsung but the software still lags behind the slick iOS 6.

  3. Ben Dover

    You should just stop seriously…

    1. Thats NOT the design of the S4
    2. There is no rumors of the iPhone 5S being released or anything of the like.
    3. There is no HTC M7..

    So what were you going for here? Sounds like massive fail to us. :)

  4. Anastasia

    Ben Dover, actually there is HTC M7 :)

  5. The s4 doesnt look like the release version … the HTC m7 looks like the droid dna … the 5s iphone I wouldnt have an ianything … iloved my htc rezound even with its awful battery life … my note 2 is a keeper with its only fault bn no apps to sd functionality … peace my ninjas

  6. Thanks for the information. I am a Android girl, however, the Iphone is really the best choice for me as a blogger and small business owner and I have been looking to make the switch in the next month or two. Between the video capability and photo quality, it is definitely better than my android phone. Although, I am curious to see the quality of the 13MP camera in the Samsung. Even though it’s high MP, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will take a better photo than the Iphone 5S.

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