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Home iOS iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs, Features May be Set for 2014 with iOS 8

iPhone 6 Release Date, Specs, Features May be Set for 2014 with iOS 8

We all have been keenly anticipating the iPhone 6 release date for quite a while. And we all are 95 percent sure that the latest Apple iPhone (iPhone 5S) will arrive in the month of September, but still we are wondering whether the iPhone 6 will be released with an iOS 8 in 2014 instead of 2013 of this year. In the previous article, we wrote regarding the practicalities associated with iPhone 6 release, and how Apple must pass over the iPhone 5S and instead release the iPhone 6 in September.

iPhone 6 Release Date

It would make sense if Apple releases iPhone 6 in place of iPhone 5S this very year, since this will prevent Apple’s new device to be ridiculed as just another refresh of previous model (iPhone 5). In fact if we look at current trends, the Apple customers are looking for a really cool iPhone that has exceptional features.

iPhone 6 release date, specs, features, price

iPhone 6 with iOS 8

After giving a thought regarding the possibilities associated with release of iPhone 6, we came to a conclusion whether Apple should release iPhone 6 in next year (2014) with iOS 8, as they have lot of time for innovation till that time.

iPhone 6 specs and features

Apple vs Samsung

So far Apple’s biggest competitor is Samsung which released several new smartphones with other new releases on progress. The next devices in line are Galaxy S5 & Note 3, which are expected to be released by this year itself.

iPhone 6-with iOS 8

Besides this, there is a rivalry between the Android & iOS devices users. And in case if Apple releases a boring and predictable refresh this September, then the fans of Android will have the best ammo ever.

pictures of iPhone 6

As a matter of fact, Apple needs to do something right in order to stay in the competition. We all love the latest iOS 7, which might not be new for the users of Android, but for the iOS users it is for sure a new thing.


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