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Home iPhone 6 Features iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 Specs; iPhone 6 Will Feature A Radical Design In The Feature Model

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S4 Specs; iPhone 6 Will Feature A Radical Design In The Feature Model

There are news that the iPhone 6 will come with a completely radical design that will have certain exciting and new features. If we go through Samsung Galaxy S4, it features Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean along with all the operating system offer of Google. It even has numerous apps & particular features from Samsung. Some of these options are built-in whereas others come with a cool advertising.

iPhone 6 Features

There is in fact a feature which might come with iPhone 6, a feature that might be completely new to us. This feature will be the Swype like keyboard, which is not in the Galaxy S4.

Apple new iPhone 6

Regarding the release of iPhone 6 of Apple, it is expected to be released in September of this year. Moreover, there are other rumors which claim that Samsung devices would also be released next month. This device will be the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini that might be released for the first time in 20th of June on a launch event which will take place in London. In fact Samsung recently announced a Galaxy themed event which will be held at London in 20th of June. This event is being called as the “Samsung Premiere 2013” by Samsung.

iOS 7 Redisign

It seems like Apple very well knows that its interface has become obsolete, and with the redesign of iOS 7, it has been in constant touch with techies regarding its technology. We all can wait for it to appear until Apple’s WWDC event in June. Moreover, there are rumors regarding the features such as IGZO or retina screen display, long battery life & 128 GB internal storage.

Apple New iOS 7 redesign Look

iPhone 6 Release Date

Though, there are reports that the latest iPhone (along with an upgraded iOS) will be released in the month of June, but there are other reports that claim that the device would be released in the month of September.


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