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Home 5s News iPhone Mini in Testing to be Released with iPhone 5S and iOS 7

iPhone Mini in Testing to be Released with iPhone 5S and iOS 7

Once again it’s time for the Apple rumors to strike the airwaves and let’s not talk about the Apple TV that has become mundane. Instead, the in thing is the cheaper alternative to the iPhone and that’s the iPhone mini. Analysts from Strategy Analytics & Jefferies, and that’s according to CNET and are all of the general consensus that Cupertino is deep into an iPhone that doesn’t cost a bomb. Like the iPad mini, the primary target of the iPhone mini would be to tap into the market that has people with budgets.

There is no doubt that the iPhone has made its mark in the heavy weight category of the smartphones, but since Samsung has the upper hand in the lower tier, it only makes sense to have a contender in that genre as well.

However, there is a big gamble over here. Tapping into the budget market can seriously dent the company’s high profile image, because at its very heart, Apple is known to make jazzy and stylish products that cater to the well fed and who have money jingling in their pockets. Going into a lower rung of the competition would make the company’s image lose its luster.

But of course, on the other hand of the stick, Apple has got to do the above mentioned, because, with passing time, technology generally seeps deeper into the market and Samsung and Android are doing just the same, and they are reaping huge profits from the exercise. Tapping into the unknown sure changes your image, but it also opens up new vistas to conquer.

Unity in diversity, that’s what is the fundamental game plan for Apple, and always has been. The idea here is to release a product, then spawn other products higher and lower than that product in category and functionality, and yet, be similar in the core areas. That is exactly what happened with the iPod. It came, then the shuffles came, then the minis came, and the market was flooded.

Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics mentioned to Reuters that the iPhone Mini is not happening anytime soon, at least till 2014. This is because the latest iPhone is faring pretty well and introducing another product in its wake would not be a good idea.

For me I am expecting yet another iPhone by the end of the year. Of course, I won’t go as far as to say that it will be the iPhone 6, but definitely, I can expect an iPhone 5S. If you’re keeping records, this one would be the seventh.

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