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Home iOS Jailbreak Concepts for iOS 7. Can iOS7 be Jailbroken with the New Security Features?

Jailbreak Concepts for iOS 7. Can iOS7 be Jailbroken with the New Security Features?

Published on June 11, 2013 by in iOS, iOS 7

Since past several years Apple had used ideas which were initially originated in jailbreak community. MobileNotifier, a jailbreak tweak, improved push notifications in the iOS 4 which became a reality after Apple hired the individual who made it and soon launched the Notification Center in the iOS 5.

If we try to think beyond iOS 7, we run out of ideas and can’t figure out what to expect next. In fact Jony Ive has never been a fan of skeuomorphism, therefore it becomes quite apparent to witness a flatter and more modest graphics. Since recent times numerous innovative ideas have flooded in the internet regarding iOS experience, and it would be totally imprudent for Apple to not take inspirations from such ideas.

Better App Switcher

Auxo, a jailbreak initiated a concept online. As a matter of fact the idea was so well admired that soon the designer made up his mind to put this concept into jailbroken iPphone.

Auxo is in fact a great app switcher replacement. Though, we can’t say that it is perfect, but it’s lot more better than what Apple has to offer. Once you open up the app, card like tiles display live previews, and by simply swiping down on tile you can close the app. By swiping left you can access toggles such as WiFi & screen brightness. Moreover, you can even customize which toggles you want to be displayed. Swiping towards the left will also make you access improved music controls.

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More Control Over The Notification Center

One of the most recent jailbreak tweak is Abstergo, which in Latin means “to wipe away.” The Notification Center is sober, though managing notifications can be little hard. Abstergo allows you to swipe for clearing each notification, and to clear all of the lockscreen’s unread notifications you have to swipe up & over.

Moreover, you can set up reminders for every individual notification. By tapping & holding message cell you can fix a particular time for making the notification push back towards the device. Besides this, the reminders also function in the Message app. Apple can use some of these features while using the interface that’s already present in iOS.

Check iOS 7 Features List

Customizable Lockscreen

You have to slide in order unlock which makes iOS lockscreen quite boring. There are several things which could be done in order to make it more interesting. In fact the jailbreakers have already been experimenting with this aspect for years.

One of my personal favorites is the newer iOS 7 lockscreen tweak known as atom. Several tweaks for lockscreen put in widgets for Mail & RSS. According to me the first screen must be simple. But simple must not mean boring.

Atom makes it possible for you to quickly launch short list of favorite apps. In place of the unlock slider there is a stylish button. By tapping & holding the button, you can open out group of icons which you have pre-set. You can immediately open up highlighted app by dragging the button over the icon.

Though, it’s for sure that Apple will not put into practice something that is quite similar to atom, but it is quite apparent that lockscreen has numerous untapped potential, just like rest of iOS.

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