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Home 5s Features Leaked Photo Diagrams of Apple’s Upcoming iPhone Light and iPhone 5s

Leaked Photo Diagrams of Apple’s Upcoming iPhone Light and iPhone 5s

Some of the images have leaked online that show the alleged drawn diagrams of upcoming iPhone 5s & iPhone Light (seems like the rumored budget handset from Apple). According to the AppleInsider, there are some reports which claim that the manufacturers of accessory who are responsible for the leaked pictures trust them enough to base the case design on these that are already going for production.

If this is true, then there’s no doubt that the accessory manufacturers will start making the upcoming iDevice cases.

iPhone 5S, iPhone Light features

iPhone 5s and iPhone light photos

As per the report, ‘people familiar with the accessories industry’ believe that these designs are genuine and have made a 3D render that shows the iPhone Light in a detailed manner.

According to the pictures, the iPhone Light is quite similar to iPhone 5S or Ione 5, and both of these new models will feature the 4 inch display as usual. But, it seems that the iPhone Light would be little wider & thicker as compared to iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5s and iPhone light specs

apple iPhone Light, iPhone 5s specs

Though, not much has been changed in terms of port positioning & button. But both these handsets show the camera port on their back besides the microphone. Moreover, the iPhone 5S allegedly has dual-LED flash from the elongated port whereas the iPhone Light features single LED flash in a basic circular shape as its port.

In fact this isn’t for the first time that the makers of case have reacted sooner than the real launch from Apple. Previously numerous manufacturers produced cases of iPhone 5 quite ahead of what later turned out to be an iPhone launch.

iPhone 5s and iPhone light release date

However, most of the iPhone Light specs are similar to that of previously speculated features, but in general there’s not much detail regarding plastic bodyshell or series of bright colors.In fact this is the first name we have heard for cheaper iPhone (except for the improbable 4.8-inch ‘iPhone Math’).

iPhone Light, iPhone 5S release Date

We all expect Apple to make announcements by autumn, though some of us expect something to emerge by summer. Tim Coo, Apple’s chief executive said before that the new devices would be released by fall.

[source: knowyourmobile]

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4 Responses

  1. Grace

    When exactly is iphone5s coming out? Because I want to get a I phone 5 but if the 5s is close to coming out I will wait!

    • We strongly believe and have somewhat evidence that Apple will release the iPhone 5s (an update of the iPhone 5 with iOS 7). the iPhone 6 (a larger, Galaxy S4 size iPhone) and the iPhone Mini (a cheaper version of the iPhone 5s) sometimes in September of this year. We don’t have the exact date but it will be in September. I would wait if I were you. I’m waiting here to. I have the iPhone 5.

  2. Jean

    And which one are you waiting to upgrade to?

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