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Home iOS List of iOS 7 Features Released! Which Feature, Update or Improvement You Cannot Wait to Use?

List of iOS 7 Features Released! Which Feature, Update or Improvement You Cannot Wait to Use?

Published on June 11, 2013 by in iOS, iOS 7

The wait for Apple’s iOS 7 features and the excited to learn what they are is over. Apple released at WWDC today a long and impressive list of iOS 7 features that got iPhone enthusiasts excited. Finally it looks like Samsung is going to have to compete with Apple as opposed to Apple competing with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone. We have no idea yet if Apple will release an iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 this summer but Apple is on the right track so far. The new iOS 7 design is impressive and radical at the same time. In order words, iOS7 will be a game changer in the crowded smartphone industry.

iOS 7 Updates and Improvements

iOS 7 comes with some impressive new features and some badly needed and long overdue updates and improvements as well. The only disappointment of iOS7 so far is that Apple provide no updates or improvement to Apple Maps! Does that mean Apple will go back to using Google Maps as the default navigation app or will it have a surprise for us before the iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 release date.

new iOS 7 release date and features

List of iOS 7 features

Without further ado, here the impressive and well thought of list of iOS 7 features


AirDrop allows iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners to share sheets with other contacts by just taping on their contacts’ names. More on this later.

Automatic App Updates

On an average, I manually Update about 10 apps per day. Auto app updates solves that time consuming task. Your apps will automatically update with iOS 7. Apple has not said yet, but I’m sure you will have to be connected to a wifi for that to happen. Either way, it will save us all time.

iOS 7 Control Center

Unlike iOS 6, iOS 7 gives user the options to adjust brightness, volume! Additional settings are: Wifi, Airplane mode, rotation lock, Bluetooth, flashlight, tabs for music, camera, and more fast-access apps.

iOS 7 in the car

Siri and Apple Maps with iOS 7 will be integrated into new car models or you can get it custom made for older vehicles. In addition to integrations, if you already have a homescreen or navigation system in your car you can use Bluetooth to connect to it for navigation and music control.

iTunes iRadio

I personally think Apple just killed Pandora, Songza and Rhapsody. iRadio is very unique and as soon iOS 7 is released to the public I’m deleting Songza and Pandora off my iPhone 5.

Activation Lock

This feature will serve best those who often lost their iPhones or leave it somewhere after putting it down. If you’re iPhone is stolen and the thief tries to turn ‘Find My iPhone’ feature or app off, the iPhone will automatically turned off and will not come back on unless iCloud password is correctly entered! (I love this feature personally. I lost about 6 iPhone already…yeah, I know)

Multipage folders

Multitasking Improvements

Before, you could not multitask with third-party apps (with iOS 6). But now with iOS 7 you can! All you have to do is double tap home page and you’re in busines

Blocking of Phone Numbers and Messages

I’ve been praying for this feature! ‘Do Not Disturb’ didn’t do it for me. Now with iOS 7 you can block phone numbers and automatically reject messages from certain contacts.

Improved Siri

The old boring lady’s voice in Siri is no longer (yeahhhhh!). With iOS 7 Siri, you have the options to choose a male or female guide or voice (yeepeee!).

Siri’s guides now speak English, French and German. I’m sure this is just the beginning. In a few years all the major languages will we added.

You’re no longer forced to use Google with Siri. Siri can now search Bing, Twitter and Wikipedia!

iOS 7 New Look and Feel

iOS 7 looks completely different from it’s predecessor (iOS 6). Small dots replaces iOS 6 white bars and black background. The lock screen also changed. You will no longer have to slide a bar to unlock your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS 7 keyboard is more white now, replacing the gray background on iOS 7.

Updated Camera, photos, Safari, and Weather apps

Instead of going to many steps to setup your camera settings, you can now quickly switch between panorama and HDR. With iOS7, you can now search photos by on date and/or location

AirDrop is added as addition to photo sharing. You can choose to share photos using AirDrop or iCloud. Apple knows we like to have options! video sharing is also added to iCloud. I think twitter’s video sharing “Vine” inspired that feature.

Complete iOS 7 Features List

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