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Home Release Date Microsoft to Release Surface Pro 2 and Surface Mini Tablets to Compete with iPad 5 and iPad Mini

Microsoft to Release Surface Pro 2 and Surface Mini Tablets to Compete with iPad 5 and iPad Mini

According to the latest reports, Microsoft has plans to release Surface Pro 2 & Surface Pro Mini to give a tough competition to upcoming iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2. In fact,  there are reports according to which the successors of Microsoft Surface Pro along with a new 7 or maybe 8 inch tablet are on their way and will be available soon in the market.

Such a decision might be because of unanticipated Microsoft Surface Pro’s popularity throughout the world, especially amongst business executives & officials in several companies.

The Microsoft Surface 2 might be announced at upcoming Build Development Conference which might happen around June 26th to 28th, where we can expect more information regarding Windows Blue update. According to supply chains there are rumors regarding possible upgrade of the Surface.

microsoft surface pro mini vs iPad Mini vs HTC One Mini

According to a Taiwanese blog, DigiTimes, the surface tab would come with 7 inch and 9 inch variants to compete with Google Nexus 7 & Apple iPad. Since a long time it is being said that Redmond software giant would soon reveal its midsize Windows 8 tablet.

From some sources it has been said that the 2nd- gen Surface devices might feature 7 to 9 inch displays to fulfill the growing demand for small tablet devices, as said by DigiTimes. Moreover they have also revealed that Microsoft retained the majority of its previous OEMs in order to create the next-generation surface tablets.

Though, Pedatron Technology would still be the chief manufacturer. The chassis will be supplied by Ju Teng, switching will be provided by Chungnam Precision Casing, LG & Samsung will provide the display, batteries will be provided by LG Chem, glass by Corning, Nvidia & Intel the chips, Ko Ja (Cayman) & Chicony Electronics will provide the keyboards and the Youngfast the touch panels for new Surface .

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