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Home 5s Features More Rumored iPhone 5S Photos Leaked – Looks Thinner than iPhone 5

More Rumored iPhone 5S Photos Leaked – Looks Thinner than iPhone 5

More Apple iPhone 5S photos leaked – adding to the rumors flying around the internet, a Chinese website posted photos of what it claims is the newest Apple iPhone in development, the iPhone 5S. A Chinese tech site originally posted the images, and they were later picked up by multiple other sites hoping to satisfy the endless hunger for Apple news. The images show what is believed to be the iPhone 5S rolling off the production line at a Foxconn factory in China. They also include other images from inside the factory as well, including some of the workers enjoying a break from their labor.

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To further add fuel to the fire, ETradeSupply has also published images of what is reported to be the iPhone 5S’s external case. The site argues that there are two factors evident in the image that indicate this phone is a new design: the part number on the case has an “X”, which is usually used on prototypes, and the positioning of the screws on the back of the case is different from that of the iPhone 5.

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While there has been no official confirmation from Apple that the iPhone 5S will be a reality, many industry experts are predicting the release of an upgraded iPhone 5 with a number of improvements sometime this year. Numerous reports circulating suggest that the new iPhone 5S could launch as soon as June. While the last two iPhone launches were in the fall, previous launches did take place during the summer.

There is also talk that the new iPhone 5S could launch alongside a lower priced iPhone, although Apple has always been quick to dismiss any mention of a budget iPhone. During a recent interview, Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of global marketing, rejected the idea that the company would introduce a less expensive product into its line of smartphones. However, pressure from competitors like Samsung and falling stock prices may have caused the company to reconsider.

Before you get your credit card handy to be ready to order the latest model, one of the first US sites to break the story, 9to5Mac posted an update suggesting that the images actually show an iPhone 5 clone with an oscillating motor instead of a next generation iPhone. also weighed in on the photos, pointing out that the cheap battery, SD card slot, and non-Lightning connector were clear signs that these were not photos of an actual Apple product. Regardless of whether or not the photos were real, the interest in the latest incarnation of Apple’s flagship smartphone is undeniable.

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