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Home iPhone 6 Features New Apple Trademark Suggests iPhone 6 Will Come With a Bendy Battery

New Apple Trademark Suggests iPhone 6 Will Come With a Bendy Battery

There have been rumors from credible sources, which point towards Apple naming its next smartphone as iPhone 5S. And if these rumors turn out to be true, then it’s for sure that this next upgrade will be minor and millions of consumers will then wait for 2014 to see some real innovative feat from Apple.

Apple’s iPhone 6 with a bendy Battery

Last week on the official US patent & Trademark office website, a patent appeared that reveals Apple’s future plans to introduce curvy battery cells in its future devices. There isn’t enough explanation, so it might be almost anything from iPhone 6 or 5S or even an iWatch.

bendy and curved iPhone 6 battery

Below is the exact description of patent which describes in detail about flexible battery. This application was filed in the month of January this year which is latest amongst Apple’s several other patent applications.

You can read the document in full here. You will notice that there are several references regarding gadgets having various kinds of batteries. They range from laptops to mobile phones and it’s quite possible that Apple will introduce this technology in its upcoming devices, from iPhone 6 to the next-gen iPads.

Below you can see some of the images which display curved battery pattern. Though, it’s difficult to figure out from these images that which devices might feature this technology, but the iPhone seems to be the perfect device that might feature this battery technology.

Do you want to see a bendy iPhone 6 next year or you would like to see something less bendy this year?

In our previous article about iPhone 6 we revealed certain credible features, and we would like to know whether our readers consider the flexible & bendy technology apt for smartphones?

Though, it’s quite early to quote anything about this bendy technology, but one thing is for sure that if iPhone 6 is released with this feature, then there is a possibility of production issues that Apple might face, as Samsung had already mentioned problems regarding plans to produce flexible displays.

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