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New iPhone 5s / iPhone 6 Release Date Set for Late September

Apple just ended WWDC 2013 conference, which took place in San Francisco from June 10th to June 14th. According to some reports an analyst from Deutsche Bank Equity Research, Chris Whitmore, said that the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 will be released in late September. From a report from IBTimes, Whitmore in his investors note (released on 5th June) stated that Apple has already begun placing orders for the components of smartphone and the manufacture of new iPhone units will start from August.

“Our checks indicate orders for the new iPhone are starting now for longer lead-time components. Specifically, we believe Apple is currently placing component orders for iPhone volume manufacturing to ramp in the August timeframe, suggesting they’re on pace for a late September launch,” as stated by Chris Whitmore in the note.

He even ridiculed the belief that Apple will reveal any iOS powered device at WWDC, by saying that “We don’t anticipate any meaningful iOS hardware announcements at WWDC.”  He was right, Apple did not announce the release date of iPhone and iPad.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 release date september 2013

Though, he pointed out that the iOS might get a refresh and was “due for a material upgrade in order to freshen and reinvigorate the ‘cool’ factor around Apple’s products.”

The general look and feel of iOS is six years old and is in desperate need of an update and some spark. It seems clear that Jony Ive’s fingerprints will be all over iOS 7, which we expect to be the most significant iOS upgrade from a visual perspective,”  stated Whitmore. That Apple did. The new iOS 7 features and updates are awesome.

We in recent times have reported that iPhone 5S might come with twice the resolution of iPhone 5’s Retina display. Moreover, the online concepts of 4.8 inch iPhone 6 point towards a curved display with 3D camera. There are other rumors that state that the iPhone 6 will feature a faster A7 processor & 2GB of RAM.

With Tim Cook being the CEO there are very faint chances of new devices to be released before fall. Though, the September estimate by Whitmore appears to be a rational one. But the question is, will Apple release both its devices iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 together? The answer is no!! If we look at current trends and Apple’s previous release pattern it does not seem plausible.

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