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Home 5s Features New iPhone 5S to be Released with Sleek Projector and Transformer Like Features

New iPhone 5S to be Released with Sleek Projector and Transformer Like Features

Not even 5 months since the iPhone 5 was launched and the company already has started getting chills and a lot of insights and thoughts about what they might be up against in their next upcoming release of their awesome Smartphone. There are always so many conflicts and contradictions especially before the release of any apple products, and we also get a lot of fabulous ideas on this like the new iPhone 5s which has unique projector and transformer actions alike.

Today far from the component defects and the mock up cases we frequently see many great smart phones which may be released by a variety of companies. The talk of the town now is that if the next Smartphone from apple will be called as the iPhone 5S or the iphone6. Amidst all these conflicts a person and a designer named as Fran_ snk shows off the world some fantastic ideas regarding this, which can be seen in the video below.

The video which is titled as “the secret of iPhone 5” starts off with an example of the iPhone but as it goes on it features some disciplined tricks which will surely heat up the competition if it was ever brought to reality.

The new iPhone also has a built in projector which provides a work interface along with a visual keyboard which projects itself on the desk when handset is actually opened up as demonstrated in the video. This surely is a fully featured phone which will turn it actually into an apple computer that provides a convenient experience of the OS X which can normally found in Mac.

 The concept idea of this new iPhone 5 is that the handset will open up the projectors and reveal them even after they are integrated into the main body part of the handset. Then it is to project a visualized full sized keyboard which the user can take advantage of.

This concept of the iPhone 5S features 4 mini projectors which require a certain type of new battery to cope up with all the new features which the phone involves. It also needs to meet the demand of the future to be in the market.

Wouldn’t you love to see these amazing features in a Smartphone?

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  1. Very excited about the release of the new iPhone 5. Are these concept designs or rumors? Or are they confirmed facts?

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