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Home iPhone 6 Features New iPhone 6 Concept Showcases Amazing Curved Display With a True 3D Camera (Video)

New iPhone 6 Concept Showcases Amazing Curved Display With a True 3D Camera (Video)

We may not see the iPhone 6 until 2014, and this has left us with plenty of time to imagine what the real thing would be like. And because of this we have come up with an iPhone 6 concept which features a 3D camera with curved display all together. If we go through the Apple patents, it becomes clear that it is working on curved displays and 3D cameras which will capture dual image.

Though, the iPhone 5S is being released in September this year, but we all know that it will look quite similar to iPhone 5. But when it comes to iPhone 6 we all expect something completely new, which we haven’t seen before.

The video of iPhone 6 below is the courtesy of Ran Avni & Hassen cad through Redmond Pie, which gives us a glimpse of what iPhone 6 might look like, which is another add on to Avni’s numerous iPhone 6 concepts.

The most prominent feature of this concept is the bigger display and curved covering along with 3D camera and metal design.

4.8-inch Curved iPhone 6 Display

The Avni & Haseen concept of iPhone 6 features a curved display that’s 4.8 inches in size. According to reports the prototype of iPhone 6 might feature 4.8 inch display which is exactly the same size as that of Samsung Galaxy S3 display.

New iPhone 6 concept curved display

The edge-to-edge display seems flat whereas the curved glass sits over it. Though, we aren’t sure about its benefits.

iPhone 6 3D Camera

Apple has patent for multiple camera use and according to the company it utilizes the hardware to get better 3D images. The iPhone 6 concept brings in use the dual cameras on iPhone 6’s back which appears quite similar to iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 concept features 3d camera

Though, it’s not clear whether there is any demand for 3D smartphone camera or not. In fact slow motion and smart camera apps are quite popular amongst users, especially when user needs special glasses or displays to enjoy 3D videos.


As a matter of fact this isn’t an Apple inspired design, but is a concept that has been inspired by looks and features of other devices.

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