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Home 5s Features No Wireless Charging Capabilities for New iPhone 5S – Maybe iPhone 6

No Wireless Charging Capabilities for New iPhone 5S – Maybe iPhone 6

According to 9to5Mac, Wireless Charging capabilities will not be a feature added to the new iPhone 5S when it is released this summer. We reported a few weeks ago that Apple is ‘May’ add wireless charging to as a one of the new iPhone 5S features. However, we’ve just learnt that we may have to wait until iPhone 6 comes out. We’re guessing the delay has to do with iOS7. The software may not have the capability to handle such feature. iOS8 will be more flexible for wireless charging capabilities with iPhone 6 (See iPhone 6 release date rumors)

“we’ve been hearing 2013 is an ‘S’ year for the iPhone which implies minor design changes” and “the design changes to the aluminum shell to make wireless charging possible would need to be significant,” reported 9to5Mac.

We expect the competition between Apple iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 (VI) to really heat up if Galaxy S4 comes with wireless charging capabilities and iPhone 5S doesn’t. Apple has already lost a lot of ground to Samsung with the iPhone 5 and Samsung’s highly popular Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note smartphone.

Another advantage Samsung and it’s Galaxy S lines have over Apple’s iPhone 5S is that the screen is a lot bigger and smartphone lovers seems to favor bigger smartphone screens over iPhone screen. We can only hope Apple will make the new iPhone 5S screen bigger to compete with Samsung on a global scale.

Rumors that the New iPhone 5S is may come with with a Stylus Pen is great news for Apple and iPhone enthusiasts. Samsung has Galaxy S3 comes with a Stylus Pen and we’re expecting the Galaxy S4 to follow suite. A Stylus Pen seems to be a feature iPhone owners favor for the new iPhone 5S also.

The question is, will Apple be able to dodge legal challenges from Samsung if it adds some of the features to the new iPhone 5S Samsung may claim rights to?

What do ya think?

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