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Home iOS iOS 7 Will Add Toggles for the Wi-Fi and Other Settings in Notification Center

iOS 7 Will Add Toggles for the Wi-Fi and Other Settings in Notification Center

Published on June 6, 2013 by in iOS, iOS 7

Since Apple is assumed to preview its latest iteration of mobile iOS, the iOS 7 in its upcoming WWDC event, some more details regarding the new design of operating system are in the news. According to some sources from 9To5Mac, the iOS 7 would be “black, white, & flat all over.” Moreover this site also claims that Apple is continuously modifying the OS’s user interface until it is finally unveiled at WWDC in month of June (4 Days Away). Therefore, we can expect several changes.

The report even gives some insight regarding UI changes and has mentioned that Apple will come up with new Lock screen interface which will be free of shine and black in color, and will replace the traditional transparent, shiny time bar which we are all familiar with. Besides this it will also replace square-grid prompt for entering Lock Screen pin code by black and round buttons which will feature whiter borers & text.

iOS 7 features toogles for wifi, locked screens

It has also been reported that the Lock Screen notifications may support new gestures and the Notifications drop down would feature new panels, new widgets and panel with toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Airplane Mode. It is also expected that the drop down Notification Center might be dark grey/black in color along with white text rather than dark linen textured background.

The design of Home Screen might remain same and there might be support for the panorama wallpapers that are present in the Android. The users of this device will be able to set up one bigger image as the wallpaper which will pan throughout all home screens.

The app icons of Home Screen wouldn’t be shiny anymore and will be devoid of any gloss or shadows. But the buttons would still be round. There are changes that Apple would redesign app icons with less skeuomorphic and flatter textures. The camera, Photo apps & Game Center will feature new ‘flat’ icons.

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In iOS 7 Apple would bring some changes to the tab bars & navigation bars which will remove the gradient textures. Though, keyboards will remain same and would be light grey in color. There are even some rumors that Apple has revamped its app inline with traditional white, black & flat iOS7 theme.

Other apps like Weather app, Newsstand, App Store, Game Center, Camera & Safari might go through a major redesign. Apart from this Apple might bring a separate FaceTime app for iPhone. There are also rumors of developer- focused features. The iOS 7 would most probably be released somewhere around fall with latest iPhone.

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