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Home 5s Features The New iPhone 5S Release Date, Specs, Features, Colors, iOS and Rumors

The New iPhone 5S Release Date, Specs, Features, Colors, iOS and Rumors

The New iPhone release Date. We have come across several rumors regarding the screen and form factor of the purported iPhone 5s. Now there’s news about the possible features which could be a part of the iPhone 5S which is expected to arrive next year. iPhone 5S having a Super HD camera on its back is one of these specifications which is a modification of the already wonderful rear camera on the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5S Camera

We are not sure what this camera will get along with it however there is a possibility that we see pixel oversampling just like the Nokia PureView technology that can generate better photographs without the need to raise the count of mega pixel.

iPhone 5S specs

Another alleged feature is a storage space of 128GB. We have seen this being brought up and then being dropped on launch day in the past. There is a strong possibility of this becoming a reality with iPhone 5S since Apple has a pattern of augmenting its biggest capacity iPhone in every 2 generations.

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With an increase in the app sizes more storage has become essential. Apple can include an iPhone 5S with 128GB to its lineup besides its other three models or carry on with a 16GB model just like it did in the case of the iPod touch.

Though other features remain ambiguous, Apple increases the hardware’s power with all its next-gen iPhone which means more RAM, more-powerful, faster processor, improved microphones and even superior speakers.

Moreover, customers can look forward to a device with 4G LTE plus now after T-mobile’s announcement of carrying the iPhone next year, a debut on all four chief U.S. carriers.

The iPhone 5S Software

If in case the iPhone 5S launches next year, it would surely be running iOS 7. The present mobile operating system on Apple’s devices is iOS 6, hence iOS 7 would most probably be the descendant to iOS 6 and one that’ll be the biggest revamp of the iOS operating system till now.

Previously this year, following the launch of iOS 6 as well as the bad reception of Apple’s latest Maps application, OS X Chief Craig Federighi & Eddy Cue replaced Scott Forstall – the iOS head. Federighi & Cue will now supervise Siri and Maps. Also Jony Ive will now be leading the Human Interface also known as User Interface team across Apple.

Hence, with new people entering the iOS setting, we might see some remarkable changes in the appearance of iOS other than the typical range of new features which occupy each new iOS edition.

Though, those features will remain under wraps till the WWDC in June 2013.

iPhone 5S Pricing

At present there’s no rumor regarding the iPhone 5S’s price though we know that in the past few years Apple has maintained consistency with the pricing of iPhone. As per present pricing the 16GB iPhone 5 model starts at $199.99 and goes up to $399.99 for 64GB model. There are in fact some rumors about Apple changing its pricing model in the past however there hasn’t been any changes yet.

iPhone 5S Release Date

Since the release date of iPhone 5S is approaching there might be rumors regarding the pricing of iPhone 5S, but at this moment, it’s appropriate to think that Apple would not bring any changes in the pricing of iPhone through the iPhone 5S.

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